Raw materials

It goes without saying that you can be absolutely certain that our products are made exclusively from high-quality and halal-certified raw materials: this is true for the meat which is certified as halal in accordance with animal protection regulations, as well as for the casings, spices and pastry crust of our tasty Sandviç. In addition, we guarantee that all spices and curing agents are natural.


BiYe snacks are produced and packaged using the latest technology. The relationship between the employees is based on trust and enables a high level of professionalism and interpersonal relations: Openness, honesty and understanding are key words that characterise the positive working atmosphere. Regular staff training as well as a strong identification of the employees with the company and products guarantee an effective exchange of experience and an active contribution to the continuous improvement of our products.

Quality control

Effective internal quality control measures are carried out before, during and after the production. Industry-specific checks by independent institutes guarantee additional safety. The complete traceability of our products is given at all times.


All raw materials used for our tasty snacks as well as the complete production environment are halal-certified and comply with IFS and BRC regulations. In addition, the raw materials are regularly audited by independent inspection bodies.


The long-lasting and trusting business relationships with the suppliers of the raw materials ensure that only the best ingredients are used for our savoury snacks – with the guarantee of being halal, the guarantee of origin, and the guarantee of quality. The convincing advantages for you are maximum product safety and an unbeatable taste.