BiYe Kofta is the Turkish-style tasty and savoury mini meatball for immediate consumption. It is made according to a traditional Turkish recipe with lean minced beef of the highest quality and typical spices, and fried without fat. BiYe Kofta tastes great on its own but is also perfect on rolls or as a BiYe Kofta Burger – there is no quicker way to make a kofta burger!

Typical Nutritional Values per
1 piece** RI*
per 44g
Energy 908 kj
218 kcal
400 KJ
96 kcal
of which Saturated Fatty Acids
12.3 g
5.1 g
5.41 g
2.24 g
of which Sugar
7.6 g
0.7 g
3.34 g
0.31 g
Fibre 2 g 0.88 g 3.5%
Protein 18.1 g 7.96 g 15.9%
Salt 2.31 g 1.02 g 16.9%

* Reference intake of an average adult (8,400 kj / 2,000 kcal). ** 1 piece (44g). Each packet contains 1 piece / portion.


Everything you need to know about BiYe products – all your questions answered!


"Do BiYe snacks have to be kept in the refrigerator?"

— No. Thanks to a high-quality packaging made of laminated aluminium foil, our snacks can safely be stored at room temperature.

"Do BiYe snacks contain flavourings or colourings?"

— No. We leave out additives whenever possible. This not only saves costs, but also significantly increases the quality of our products and the confidence in the quality and safety of our snacks.

"Where does the meat in BiYe snacks come from?"

— All our meat is from Germany and the Netherlands. We have been working closely with the same supplier for many years, which ensures that our meat is always fresh and of the highest quality.

"What does halal mean and is halal meat used in BiYe snacks?"

— Similar to kosher meat in Judaism, Islam only allows meat to be eaten if it is from animals that have been slaughtered according to the rules and had not already perished, and are permitted for consumption. As the ritual slaughter of animals without stunning is forbidden in Central Europe for reasons of animal protection, the animals are anaesthetised by Muslims before being slaughtered.

Moreover, ALL ingredients in our tasty BiYe snacks have been certified by Muslim inspectors as being halal and in full compliance with Muslim dietary rules. This is confirmed by regular certification and unannounced checks of our production sites and those of our suppliers by independent external inspectors.

"Can the halal symbol be used by anyone on product packaging?"

— Unfortunately, yes. In Europe there are no uniform standards or mandatory regulations concerning the depiction of the halal symbol on product packaging. This is exactly the reason why it is important to us that the inspectors who check the BiYe production sites not only have a well-founded Islamic religious training, but also technical and scientific expertise.

"What about hygiene standards at your production site?"

— The BiYe production site is one of the most modern production sites for savoury snack products and not only halal-certified, but also certified according to IFS-Food (International Featured Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards. This guarantees that the production site is clean in the true sense of the word.

"There is a greasy film on the inside of the Kofta packaging. What is it?"

— Our kofta is made of 100% best beef, which – as with any kofta – releases fat when fried. Traces of fat can become visible on the inside of the foil. We could avoid this by simply adding a "magic ingredient", but we are very proud of the fact that our kofta is 100% natural - and we want to keep it that way.